Detox Tea: An Update


So my Sweatin’ Sisters and I did the Detox Tea last week. If you aren’t up to speed, here is where you can find the recipe and our intentions. Since each of us did the detox, I thought it would be fun to tell you how it went for each of us. Overall, we did experience some minor physical changes, definitely seemed to have some emotional impact on most of us and there were varying opinions of the taste. Herewith, a collection of our experiences and opinions:

Meg Y: Didn’t mind the taste, and it made me drink 60 oz in a day, so ultimately it upped my water intake.
Amy: The taste definitely grew on me. 
Meg C: I drink tea (hot in the morning and iced from time to time), and I like bitter, so this didn’t bother me. 
Physical Changes:
Meg Y: Didn’t lose weight, but lost some bloat.
Kenz: I didn’t lose much weight, but could tell that I have lost some bloat. I did break out on my face, chest and back (NEVER happens). The biggest change was how much I went to the bathroom. It was really quite amazing. 
Amy: I didn’t lose any weight…gained 1.5 lbs, actually. But, like Kenz, I did feel less bloated. I felt like my tummy was much flatter. I didn’t really break out much…just a little on my back.
Meg C: None, really. I did have a forehead pimple, which hasn’t happened in year. I didn’t lose any weight and I didn’t feel less bloated.
Emotional Impact:
Meg Y: I like to think my super mood swing day was a sign that it was flushing out my hormones in my liver, since that’s where they are stored. 
Amy: Aside from being REALLY crabby on Wednesday, I didn’t feel different throughout the week.
Meg C: I did have a day where I was also super crabby. 
Overall Opinion:
Meg Y: I’m mixed on it. I feel good, but not sure if it’s just because of the detox. I’m definitely just overall eating better so I can’t pinpoint it. 
Kenz: I liked the detox. I’m continuing the drink, because I have leftover tea and thought, why not?
Amy: I have mixed feelings about the detox. Because of the tea, I wasn’t drinking as much soda. Was a kick-start I needed to cut back on how much I was drinking. I still have ingredients left, so I may wait a week or so and give it a go one more time.
Meg C: It was ok. I don’t know what I really got out of it, other than the sense of community w my girls in doing it. Since none of us live in the same city (Kenz and I live close), it was a nice way to stay connected and chat everyday. 

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I’m Meg. Currently, I live and love in St. Louis, though I spent most of my 20’s trying to discover myself in a few other places. My primary interests are girlie things like sparkles and tiaras, pop culture, puppies, design, writing and food.
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