A Pin Made Me Uncomfortable, So I Wrote About It

I love Pinterest. I’ve gotten so many great recipes, purchased great gifts, come up with some great ideas for the house and even managed to do a workout or two based on other Pinners’ boards. I even love the random quotes that people post. It’s like a virtual, emotional, creative, expressive place for people to drop off the things that inspire them and I love it.

However. In the last week or so, I’ve come across something that has been repinned a number of times and the content of the pin has stayed on my mind, so much so that I felt the need to write about it.

Ordinarily when people post to the interwebs about their political, spiritual and social beliefs, I read them and carry on with my life. I don’t always agree with them, but I certainly believe in their right to post what they want. Every once in awhile they even make me consider a different perspective and better understand others. Anyway, this particular post has really had me thinking. It’s been on my mind so much that I felt the need to write through it.

The post reads as follows: Yes, I am a Christian. I believe in the Bible. I do not support homosexuality or “homosexual marriage.” Yes, I still love you. Yes, we are still friends. No, I am not judging you. No I am not condemning you to hell. No, I will not let anyone bully you. 

But realize that name-calling and stereotyping those of us who stand for what we believe is exactly what you don’t want done to you. We have a right to speak what we believe, same as you have a right to speak what you believe. 

That last portion of the post, I completely agree with. However I have a huge issue with the first part.

I think I am struggling with this because I too, am a Christian. I love Jesus, he was a seriously amazing person and I wish I could be as selfless and kind as he was. I strongly believe that he would not be okay with me using his name and teachings to hold other people back from the same basic rights I have as a human being.

It is my belief that no one – NO ONE – has the right to use their beliefs to justify the oppression of another person or group of people. Rights are rights, whether you are Christian, Jewish, black, white, vegan, overweight, ultra-athletic, from the South, an immigrant, gay, straight, etc. You may not support gay marriage based on your Christian beliefs, but if you actively advocate against gay marriage because of those beliefs, you ARE, in fact, acting as an oppressor. I suppose that is the issue for me here – I read the above post as an excuse for whoever posted it to use for advocate for hetero-only marriage. Perhaps I’m reading it incorrectly, maybe they aren’t advocating, maybe they are simply explaining their position.

But something still sticks in my craw about that. Being against equal rights for all human beings – particularly when using Christ’s name to do so – seems averse to the actual teachings of Christ.

I know, I know – I’ll never be able to convince people to change their stance, just like they wouldn’t be able to change mine. However, I will continue to love and advocate for all human beings to have equal rights.

About mchaney5353

I’m Meg. Currently, I live and love in St. Louis, though I spent most of my 20’s trying to discover myself in a few other places. My primary interests are girlie things like sparkles and tiaras, pop culture, puppies, design, writing and food.
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