December: WantNeedWearRead

I know, I know. I’m late to posting this. But I have so many good excuses. Mostly, I’m busy at work and with side projects, which makes me sleepy and I only want to play Ski Safari and read Buzzfeed when I get home. So, I’m 4 days behind, but here you go. Enjoy.



This month, it’s a two-part want, but don’t worry, they aren’t selfish desires. First, I would like many, many more donations to Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed. Either by way of poster purchases, which you can get here remember to enter “baseball poster” in the notes!), OR by donating actual items. I’ll be happy to come get them from you, so long as you live in the Saint Louis area. Please PM me and we can coordinate.

The other thing I want this month is to do as many selfless deeds as possible. A few weeks ago, my friend Jenny, and I drove by a homeless man and his dog near our local Target. He was holding a sign, asking for help. Jenny mentioned that she’d seen someone doing the same thing last year and a customer had gone into Target, purchased treats and bones for the dog and gave it to the man. That got me thinking about doing simple, kind acts for other people. So I’m going to see if I can make sure to do something nice for someone as much as I can.

If you have any suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness for people, I’d love to know what they are so maybe I can sneakily do them over the next 4 weeks.


I want to eat everything. That is currently my problem with a busy work schedule, a busy social schedule, and a pretty demanding life. In turn, my workouts have taken a hit and my cooking has severely declined into the Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls territory. This month, the goal in terms of eating, is to get back to the juice!

Last January, I discovered Suja Juice, which I love. Since I can’t really afford to drink that amazingness all the time, I bought a fantastic juicer, that I used with some regularity, until March. Then I got lazy. Anyway, I’m going to challenge myself to get back to the juicing. I’ll probably get some Suja since my schedule is so hectic right now, but I’ll also stock up on fresh fruits and veg and make some tasty and healthy bevvies.


Let’s be honest. I’m a disaster when it comes to this section. I need boots. I need a warm winter coat. I hope to goodness that I’m able to get it together and fight through the retail frustration (and sweaty-trying on process) and just get something. We’ll all be better for it.


I still really want to read The Book Thief, but that doesn’t mean I’m off the hook with a December read. This month, I’m going to re-read The Alchemist. I don’t actually know if I’ve ever gotten through the entire thing, but I have 3 copies at home, all given to one of us at some point, so I’m gonna do it. It’s a quick read and it’s supposed to be very inspirational and impactful. At this point in my life, I feel as though I’m looking for a few answers and perhaps this book will help feed my perspective.

There you have it! Let’s see what we can get done during this very busy month!

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I’m Meg. Currently, I live and love in St. Louis, though I spent most of my 20’s trying to discover myself in a few other places. My primary interests are girlie things like sparkles and tiaras, pop culture, puppies, design, writing and food.
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