November Goals: What Really Happened

Well, I’ve been very bad about keeping up with the blog that last few weeks. Blame new deadlines, laziness and the holidays, I do apologize.

Shall we review where we were:
And now, where we’ve landed:
November Want Goal: 
Donations to Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed.
What Actually Happened:
Things took off like a shot. We sold over $600 in posters (which you can still purchase! The holidays are just around the corner!) and managed to fill our cars no fewer than 3 times to take over donations. We’ve collected everything from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, household goods, games, food, shoes, toiletries, etc. I am absolutely thrilled by how giving people have been and they keep on giving. I just loaded up another big haul into my car this morning and it will be taken over to them this week!
November Eat Goal:
Make that Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili.
What Actually Happened:
Done and done.
November Wear Goal:
Ankle boots. I need them, desperately, I’ve been wearing the same boots for the last 5 years! Told you I was a terrible shopper.
What Actually Happened:
I did not buy them. I went to Nordstrom Rack exactly 1 time. I tried on exactly 3 pairs of shoes, got sweaty and got the hell outta there. I have not bought new boots and I’m concerned that I’m not going to have any for the winter months. At this rate, I’m considering giving up and just waiting for the sales so I’m better prepared next year.
November Read Goal:
My sweet sister-in-law lent me her copy of The Book Thief, which I enthusiastically jumped into one day during a particularly boring Rams football game. It’s a really fascinating book, but I did not finish it this month, which makes me feel like a jerk face. I will continue to work on it for next month, in addition to my December read goal.
I did however, manage to read an absolute trash book called The Girl’s Poker Club, a book I’d been given years ago, read and forgot about. I foolishly picked it up when I wanted something simple and light and was properly annoyed when I finished it. I also made it thought my standard monthlies – Vanity Fair and GQ.
Stay tuned because the December goals will be coming your way soon! I have them all written up, I just need to finish up the graphic and get it posted! Promise, it’s coming!

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I’m Meg. Currently, I live and love in St. Louis, though I spent most of my 20’s trying to discover myself in a few other places. My primary interests are girlie things like sparkles and tiaras, pop culture, puppies, design, writing and food.
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